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As a researcher, my professional life is centered around my research work.  But during my leisure time, I enjoy writing fiction for children, a hobby that brings me great satisfaction. I have already published one book, and another one will be published this year. 

This work was sparked by the conversations I shared with my children during summer sojourns in Northern Vidzeme and trips to Estonia. The book is written as a storyteller's recount of legendary adventures, blending reality and fantasy in a fairy tale manner. The tale unfolds in the magical lands of Estonia and Latvia, where the boundaries between human and toy worlds are blurred. The book playfully subverts the prevalent stereotypes between Latvians and Estonians, weaving in elements of geography, languages, and traditions and introducing the neighbouring country of Estonia as a whimsical "land of toys".

The gorgeous illustrations by Kristīne Jurjāne add an extra layer of excitement and visual delight to the book.